When I was 22 years old I was with a girl for a couple of months. When she left, I was in a really terrible mood. I remember it was a sticky summer night and my friend Malte came over to my crib to take me away from all this grief and self-pity to show me some 'real shit'.

Despite the fact that he was a junkie, Malte was a good guy who had a strong sympathy for me . Even when he borrowed money he always gave it back as fast as he could. So we headed to the city that evening with Malte having a little Zulu 44 - Vodka-Dispenser in his pocket. We were equipped for the apocalypse. 


We went to a Bar downtown and had one beer, and one shot, after another. Even the barkeeper was drinking with us. Before we had gone into the bar, Malte had warned me that this guy is handling lots of drugs and always eager to pop some pills and what not. But I didn't care. This was not my business.. at least not until this evening.  So we kept drinking and at one point it felt like there was a piece of lint or something like that in my glass. It didnt bother me much , I was in a great mood and only that was important to me at the time. But after a while something strange was going on. I looked down the bartable and it began to stretch its length right in front of my eyes 'til it looked like 20 stories long and I felt like I was in a Salvador Dali painting. Obviously there was no lint in my glass but someone dropped some LSD into my drink. Reality was suddenly cut into pieces. I woke up 12 hours later in the middle of a flea market. Busy people around me everywhere. I had a coffee and a sandwich and Malte was sitting by my side. He said 'Huh? Yr'allright? I told you to beware.' And he laughed. It was a mischievous but hearty laugh.


I'm not afraid to tell this story because its about friendship and not about accidentally doing drugs, which is an experience which I would never ever recommend to anyone and I absolutely don't need to retry.  But it's a memory I don't want to ever forget. Malte took care and protected me in the hours when I was intoxicated and I was neither robbed nor harmed by anyone.  


When he performed as a DJ his Stage-Name was 'Mate-1' , and, to me, he truly was a great mate. Malte passed away five years ago and I really miss him....