Room Number 5

Random Memory: Room No.5
When I was nineteen I served in a hospital and helped the nurses with their work. There was this very old and frail woman that resided in Room No.5.


She was a very friendly person and patient when she needed something. She always used to wear a wig that was one of those with unnatural-looking grey curly hair. The ones that you tend to think of when you think of the elderly.
I remember that there was one morning that I was ordered to help her to get to the bathtub. I was told that she was able to do everything else alone, but she just needed someone to give her a little security when she is walking. I wasn't sure, but I would have to guess that her age was.. ninety-something.
When I went into her room to get her, I was surprised that she had removed her wig. I had always expected that she would be bald or that her hair was extremely thin. But, to my huge surprise, she had very long and perfectly white hair instead. She looked like an elderly and wise sorceress from a fairy tale. At that moment she did not appear that old at all to me anymore.
I did my job and helped her out of the bed and escorted her to the bathroom without ever saying a word about her hair. I am sure that she had passed on many years ago and I still regret to this day that I did not tell her to put the wig away.