When I founded Don't Let the Music Stop I was looking to create a page where I could give those that were dealing with mental illness or going through difficult times could find a bit of inspiration through music. I really had no idea on how to go about it, but that did not stop me from trying. I spent the first six months just trying to get things up and running. It took a lot more out of me than I had thought it would. I also, at this point, came across a few other organizations that were similar to mine. I was in awe and jealous of their connections and what they could do as an organization. How could I land a few connections like they have? How could I grow as big as they have? The answer to both of those, unfortunately, was I couldn't. So, what could I do without having those connections? What could I do to grow the page to where it will make a difference in the lives of those I want it to? The answer is community.


I had realized about 4 month ago that I can not do this alone.  I needed help from others. I was taking too much on my own. And since allowing others to help we have grown so much. It is not surprising as we are always stronger as a group than we are as individuals. Does that mean that one person can not make a difference....NO. I was making a difference. But I was not allowing Don't Let the Music Stop to grow as it could have. Being only able to focus on a few tasks at a time, I could not handle all aspects of the site and social networking sites constantly.  I needed help. So I reached out and asked for some help. Then I got suggestions from friends and took them to heart and created columns. This made me think we needed even more columns. So I reached out again, and again. Now we have five columns, the interviews that started everything, and even more on the way. I can not offer anyone who helps on the site money...there is none. All I can offer is an outlet for their thoughts, some publicity, and my eternal gratitude. And, fortunately, that has been enough as everyone has said, "Yes". And now some of my writers, who did not know each other before, have developed an online friendship. We are becoming a community. 


Here at Don't Let the Music Stop we are a community. I am the founder, but I am not the one who has come up with all of the ideas that we are implementing. I am the editor, but I am not the one who is writing most of the content. I am just the person who is connecting all of the puzzle pieces together. Without everyone who has agreed to write for Don't Let the Music Stop we would have nothing for anyone to read. Without all of the amazing people in the music industry that have been willing to talk with us, we would not have gotten the start and the idea to create an online magazine devoted to music and mental health. Without the suggestions of friends and family I would still be stumbling around trying to find the magic formula of entertainment, information, and inspiration that seems to be starting to build an audience. Without all of you, this page would be nothing. You are all so amazing and inspire me to continue on this mission. 


We are just starting to grow. Just starting to get off and running. But, as a community, we can make something truly amazing and inspiring. Keep sharing your stories, keep spreading the light.



If you are reading this and have an suggestions for content, want to share your story, or want to possibly write a column for us; then please use the contact button at the top of the page. We would love to hear from you and have you join our community.