Frustrations and Adversities!

Do you ever have one of those weeks where it just FEELs like the stars have lined up in a way that's against you? You know what I'm talking about,don't you? The week where if something could go against you, it will and not only that but it tries to become and over-achiever at it!


This past week it just seemed to be more hurdles than straight-aways but sometimes that is this thing we call life. I have a lot of responsibility in the things that I do. I mean I have to wake up, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, or is that in reverse order? I don't know it depends on the day! Get dressed, Oh did you think I was talking about my work when I mentioned my responsibilities?.


The truth is, there are a lot of responsibilities in the work I do. There is scheduling, writing, editing, and this thing called advertising! It's enough to make your head spin at times, but here is another full out truth, none of it would get done or even matter if I didn't treat my mental health and my physical health as not only a responsibility but really more as a priority. This is especially true during those times in life where adversity decides to come and visit!


So let's see how the week went on the Speaking to the Heart Radio Network!  


We start with 'The Mindset". I have to tell you that one of my joys of the week is working with Claudia Israel LCSW-R. Yes, she is a full fledge clinician who many respect and in some cases idolize but she is so much more than that. SHE GETS IT! that is why when we were discussing our second part of the "12 Steps to Happiness" series it was no surprise that she just rolled with it when things didn't go as planned at the 7:54 minute mark :-)


 This episode emphasized that both Claudia and I are not just about the education of the topic as if you are reading a book. Instead, we throw our natural way into the mix with a raw and real concept!


I have to tell you that if My Tuesday was just about shooting "The Mindset" it would have been a pretty good day; unfortunately, that just was not the case. I mentioned the different responsibilities I have on a daily basis, so to keep the ball rolling on a growing internet radio network. One of those I mentioned was scheduling. Does anyone remember the game pickup stix or have you ever made a house of cards? Both of these skillful games can tax the stability of a child all the way through adult age! Same thing with running an organization or business. In our case scheduling is what everything else depends on. So when scheduling falls through for whatever reason which by the way this is going to happen it really can throw off the week almost like one of your cards giving way and suddenly watching your house come crashing down! 


Okay enough said about that as My good friend Forrest Gump would say!  


So let's get back to our week and let me tell you about "Voices for Change". The newness of this show of ours is really intoxicating but I have to tell that I don't think its just because its new at all. It really seems we found that perfect concept that has peoples' attention! "From mental health to music, to movies and more while providing a healing platform through awareness and a voice for change!". Doesn't that just sound cool? Well, that is because both Rebecca and Joe Lombardo share with us what makes them special and unique while having some great guests over for a chat! And on this episode, we have continued to impress! This week we had "The Survivor Coach" visit us, her name is Kelley McElreath! I have to say that when I first met Kelley it took less than a minute to learn that I was talking to My own kindred spirit I had no doubt that this episode was going to be one of the more popular shows we have on the Speaking to the Heart So Check it out for yourself! --


I think one of the reasons why we have had such a good response from our audience is mainly because I pursue topics and shows that I know would make a difference for my own life. Remember when I mentioned above how important it is for me to do all I can to keep my mental and physical health in front of me instead of behind where it starts to be forgotten. My intention is for our network while speaking from our heart to yours eventually becomes part of that process for you and ME!


I will give you a prime example. On Thursday I went to my scheduled appointment for my physical therapy which I have been participating in ever since I injured my neck where I have had some significant consequences not only with my neck but also the capability of my dominant right arm. I initially was told when I started therapy and traction therapy that eventually the bulging discs are likely to go back where they need to and then the pain and incapacitation of my right hand would eventually be less and I will have my strength and stability. So you can imagine my discouragement when My therapy team brought me into a room to tell me that the efforts we all were making had not provided the results that were first expected, in fact, it had a minimal change at all. So it is a sobering thought to know that my only option is to have some significant surgery. 


So to say the least, I had to do my best to listen and learn from others to make my week less consuming with what worried and frustrated me. Speaking of frustration, that was the exact topic that my good friend Wayne "The Hack" Hacker and I talked about on "Arisen Strenth" the Motivational Podcast! From the start, you are going to hear a frustrated growl from Wayne playing it up and getting on a roll that he kept going throughout the -


Fortunately, I have great friends and a team that work well with my ideas and emotions, where we're able to make one thing clear from our very own experiences. Frustrations and Adversities, they can BUT they don't need to consume our daily lives! 


If you can identify with some of the things I wrote here today feel free to reach out and join the conversation!