Moments of Clarity” (MOC) is the only live interactive counseling talk show in the Tampa Bay area! The show is a successful, powerful talk show that addresses a wide range of  topics. MOC offers guests and listeners an opportunity to share their stories, ask questions, to be validated, and to learn. 

We welcome our audience to call into the show: 

Local: 1-727-441-3000 Toll Free: 866-826-1340

MOC reaches over 12 million listeners by radio alone and is heard world wide on the internet during the live show.  All shows are saved as podcasts and are available for future listening. 

You can access them here!

MOC can be heard Mondays, Thursday’s and Fridays from 12 noon - 1 pm ET on:
WTAN-AM 1340  •  WDCF-AM 1350  •  WZHR-AM 1400 
106.1FM • 104.3FM & www.tantalk1340 online  
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Tiffany Werhner has been a Licenced Mental Health Therapist for several years and has dedicated her life to helping people be proud of who they are. 

Unfortunately, due to fear, shame and misinformation, there is a #Stigma against seeking professional help from a therapist. 

MOC is helping to end the #Stigma and offering informaton, support, encouragement, and insight.