One thing that I have learned in my lifetime is that the World or for those who go a little deeper the Universe continues it's path whether I'm able to participate in it or not.


You see I have had a number of times whether it be my mental or medical condition where I was not able to add my two cents and yet other lives that were part of its hustle and bustle have changed; for the  better other well not so much. People lived through the gambit of emotions. Some laughed others cried. Some lived their days fully and with an inner spirit while others merely existed, almost like a holding pattern, just waiting for the day their body would give out and with the perception, their pain would finally end.


This past Saturday we debuted a NEW podcast on my internet radio network "Speaking to the Heart" called "Voices for Change" The show features Rebecca Lombardo, a well known Author and Blogger and her husband Joe who is a well-accomplished musician with some skins or experiences on his wall. The Lombardo's wanted to expand their advocacy for mental health but in talking to them I knew right away we could do that and more! 


After talking with both Rebecca and Joe I quickly came to realize the Lombardo's were more than the challenges they faced. So immediately my mind went into its creative mode. It didn't take me long to find out that this duo is passionate, vibrant and well let's just say it ..... They're Cool! I mean like everyone else they have their own hobbies and things but together they love movies and music for sure.


Wait!  That's it!   "From Mental Health to Movies to Music and More"!  I remember saying to myself " That's it ! we'll have a mix of entertainment and awareness!" I was feeling like I found something but there was my inner voice that was saying to me  " Yeah okay but keep going". So I thought for a moment and then my eyes opened a little wider. Well, they "Provide a platform for awareness and a voice for change"!


Let's go back to the beginning of this blog for a moment. My creative process is not unlike the day going by with or without my say so. You see I've dealt with something called self-loathing since I was very young. So while there are times my process is fun and whimsical there are also times when I feel stuck and my thoughts and inner voice become demanding and cutting to my mind and soul. 


Something I did throughout my life, was move forward when I could. Yeah, there were times where this FELT nearly impossible. Still, I did what I could to keep going because I knew if here was a silver lining or a light at the end of my dark tunnel then the only way I would benefit from it is to keep going; similar to what you see I do with my creative process. 


I mentioned that we had the debut of "Voices for Change". Well, I gotta tell you it was not without its challenges! Incidentally, our first guests for the show were Amanda and Austin Harras of Saphyre Rain. We could not have a better premiere guest! You see Saphyre rain is a metal rock band that has many of their songs and lyrics refer to mental health issues and challenges. I mean what a perfect way to make it in the world of recording music, a duo that does metal rock who sings about mental health. It's perfect! (being sarcastic)


Here is where we come full circle. While interviewing Amanda and Austin, Amanda used the word perseverance! Let's face it being a successful band or musician is not the easiest thing to do. One you have to have talent. Two you have to have a vision for that talent and three you are needing to have a following that supports that vision you have. Those are just the basics but of course, there is a lot more involved where you can find yourself tripped up or detoured from what might be perceived as a success.


Still, Amanda and Austin stay loyal to their vision and do what they can to put themselves in the way of an opportunity to carry out their talent and their message. By doing this they give themselves the opportunity to experience the success that they envision. Well isn't it the same for those who feel stuck and helpless? Think about it, If Saphyre Rain listened to the critics how  a two person band can't be a metal band or you have a great sound but no one wants to hear about mental health all the time then they would have had to change their vision or given up. 


Now it's a point of contention of mine personally to hear that I give up when my depression or medical condition keeps me on the sidelines for a bit. Anyone who knows me knows that I give everything I can until finally my body gives out not gives up! BIG difference! But let's not let the verbiage cloud the message. Persevere is what allows us to keep going. Persevere gives us the opportunity to see what is a success to us with the big AND smaller accomplishments!


So in wrapping this up when you find yourself stuck as I'm sure I will more than a time or two left in this lifetime. "Do what you can when you can". Find yourself taking a step and don't fall into the traps of judgment or perception or even opinion of yourself or others. Know that "You are more than the challenges you face", and see yourself  where you want to be and then do what it takes!


Does any of what I said here pertain to your thoughts or feelings?  Feel free to reach out to me, as I always  invite feedback to continue the discussion!