Stealth Comics is the creation of artist/musician Dominic Valecillo (under[base] / Pesticide). Stealth Comics specializes in not only comic book artwork, but also in logos, album covers, and more. Dom was able to make a name quickly and was often and booked for Artworks for various celebrities or bands, including. FILTER and labels like WARNER MUSIC. The first complete comic appeared in 2015 under the cooperation with the American shock rocker MATT ZANE and the also US-American journalist and comic author RAY VAN HORN JR. It has appeared in Los Angeles since self-distribution. Valecillo and Van Horn remained a team and decided to develop a new comic titled METALHEADS, which is conceived as a satire-horror comic. 


Dominic has been a supporter of Don't Let the Music Stop since it's inception and is a firm believer in the power of music and how it can help those who may be dealing with difficult times.