Wasn't Your Average Week!

The title of this blog entry is a little misleading because I truly can not remember the last time I had an average week. You see ever since I decided to take up for my purpose in life of "helping others who are more like me than they are different"; the idea of a routine day much less week went out the window with no return address!


It was December of 2013 when I wrote what is now considered a motivational piece called "Arisen Strength". So from the 3am hour of that night, it has been a blur ever since!


Not only did I rejuvenate a public speaking career but I also started a podcast with my good friend Wayne "The Hack" Hacker called "Arisen Strength". If that wasn't enough My purpose showed itself strong again as we decided to not stop with one podcast but instead create an internet radio network called "Speaking to the Heart" where we now have 6 podcasts running each week. 


So you can see why my everyday routine would certainly have changed. Oh, I almost forgot ... I'm just like you the reader! You see I have also been dealing with mental health issues of my depression and PTSD along with my medical ones which are more recent including a neck injury that I have spoken of before. So I guess it is safe to say no matter how busy you think you are it doesn't give you immunity from what your reality is. 


Hey, let's get back to my review of last week! 


Let's start with Tuesday and "The Mindset"; this is a show that I share with my good friend and expert clinician Claudia Israel LCSW-R. I have known Claudia for a good while now and I have to say that it is so refreshing to listen to her energy about her work passion. This past week's show was all about using the 12 step concept to see how it truly can affect our everyday lives! Now I'm very familiar with the 12 step program as I have been working my own recovery from my addiction which happens to be gambling. I am proud to say that I have a little over 8 years now from that terrible lifestyle. Now some may ask. So you haven't gambled in over 8 years? Well, I wish I could say that but no I have had my bumps in the road especially while dealing with my depression and the reality of my disability. You see in my personal view my recovery is a lifetime decision and I am not going to characterize the successful time as a waste of time. 


Anyways, I know how the 12 step concept has benefited my life in so many ways; so I was very grateful that Claudia agreed to the concept to introduce it to others with me! You really don't want to miss it!      http://www.blogtalkradio.com/speakingtotheheartradionetwork/2016/07/14/t...


So like I said before, although I get to do a lot of things that are fun and cool I still have to do what I can to keep my health in a good way both mentally and physically. So Wednesday I went to my weekly appt with my therapist. I recently changed therapist and I have to say that I think it was a good decision I made. This one has a way of challenging me where others had not. As a result, I seem to be able to take on more and at least try to make progress which isn't always the easiest thing to do; especially when I learn that part of my pain is from an event or events of my past to where I am very much disassociated from my emotions depending on the situation. Yeah, that's no fun ! 


So let's get back to what is! On Saturday we had our second episode of our NEW show "Voices for Change". I can't say doing this episode didn't have its challenges like last week because it did but I think I want to move on from the strife of things I can not change. Oh did anyone recognize that? It's from the Serenity Prayer "God grant me the serenity, to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference! 


We had a great time talking with mental health advocate and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) speaker "Rudy Caseres". Our guest was absolutely great! Which is a good thing because I screwed up his name right off the bat as I was introducing him to the show. Mind you this is all LIVE! For some reason, I was wanting to put a "v" in the middle of his name that just did not belong. I knew it didn't belong but I sure was hell bent on trying! Thankfully I was able to think on my feet and said "Let's just say its a result of my stroke history" which was a little lame but transparent all the same but Rudy graciously saved me by saying " Yes, That is what I always do". To be honest I don't know if Rudy Caseres with no "v" ever had a stroke or not but I do know it saved an awkward moment  :)


The rest of the time with Rudy was really cool as he was willing to answer any question about his own condition be it bipolar as well as his experiences being a speaker on the NAMI pannel.  It's definitely worth a listen!    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/speakingtotheheartradionetwork/2016/07/16/v...


So we now come to the final day of the week. Yes, it was a Sunday but it definitely had more attached to it than that. Remember I have been dealing with my neck injury ever since the day before Easter. Well, as a result, I decided to take some time away from "Arisen Strength" so to be able to heal up and start my recovery process. Now to be honest with you I was conflicted to sideline the podcast that got everything started but I thought I needed to dedicate my limited time and energy to the other podcasts I mentioned so to build up the network more than just one premiere show.


Now was I noble? I don't know it just seemed like the right decision at the time. Was I loyal?  Yes, I think you can say that. Was I a hypocrite? Wait a minute what? Why would I be a hypocrite? Well, some of you know that I have dealt with a condition of self-loathing from a very young age and I still do to this day. You see our motto with Arisen Strength is all about doing what you can when you can in spite of the challenges you face! Was I doing that? I don't know it really depended on the day you asked me! 


One day I would be fine with my decision as it was the right thing to do as I look at the bigger picture and then the next day it would be, How can you sit there and say the things you do and have it perceived that you can't live up to it in your own right. To be honest I could see the rationale to both but I knew that I was very limited with my energy and waking hours with my pain medication. 


So that was then and this is now! Over time I became more tolerant to my pain and to be frank I got a little pissed off that my life was being dictated more than I choose to allow. That is why I decided it was time to come back to "Arisen Strength". There was a lot that we decided to do along with this announcement, for instance, we re-branded the "Arisen Strength" concept making sure to have all understand that it is a motivational podcast and not a religious movement. I am very spiritual but I live in a way where my beliefs are meant to be one on one with my higher power and that this is not a platform to push those beliefs on my audience. So the show is now called "Arisen Strength" "The Motivational Podcast"! 


I have to tell you that when Wayne was on the Air with me it was like we never left! We talked about what we both have been working on and subjected to while we had been away from the mic but we also revealed some of where we want the show to go for the near future! It's been a long time coming for us to be back on the Air and we are going to make the best of it!


Wayne shared with us his effort to live a more healthy life through his courageous decision to change his lifestyle. I can personally vouge for this and when you listen to it all yourself you will be just as amazed as I was!   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/speakingtotheheartradionetwork/2016/07/18/a...


So, that was the week that was far from average and to be honest you only got some of the highlights because this is a blog, not a book...;-)


The message that I'm trying to get across throughout this entry is that, although I may be a public personality with a whole lot going on; that really is secondary to what I've had gone on mostly before the term "Arisen Strength" or "Speaking to the Heart Network" ever crossed my mind. So when you ever find yourself thinking that you are not as good or even worthy as any celebrity or personality that is out there in the spotlight. I want you to think again! 


I live my life one day at a time as best I can. Sometimes it's one step at a time actually. It can be one step at a time x5 or it can be x80! The fact of the matter is that I use the same concepts personally that I use to help others. Why?  Because we all start as human, before anything else! 


I hope you enjoyed reading this week's entry!  As always if what I write has you identify with or even challenged by, I invite you to reach out and continue the conversation!