Our Hand Picked Playlsit is a playlist of videos that were chosen by the people that we have interviewed for Don't Let the Music Stop as songs that inspire them. Here you will find the official list of songs and who chose them:
Band Artist Band Chosen Song Chosen
Saphyre Rain Amanda Harras Switchfoot The Shadow Proves the Sunshine
  Austin Harras Beartooth In Between
Pray for Sound Bruce Malley Saosin You're Not Alone
  Bruce Malley Explosions in the Sky Your Hand in Mine
Stealing Eden Maximus Nothing But Theives Graveyard Whistling
The Host Club Aaron Elrod Paramore Last Hope
  Aaron Elrod Lights Face Up
Man.Machine.Industry J.Bergman Killing Joke The Raven King
  J.Bergman Judas Priest Victims of Change
  J.Bergman Black Sabbath Die Young
under[base] Dominic Valecillo Stone Temple Pilots Interstate Love Song
Leave the Universe Austin Arthur Jurassic 5 Work it Out
  Cameron Phillips One OK Rock Decision
  Kalin Pugh Fightstar Overdrive
To Live as Wolves Brandon Roman Underoath Writing on the Walls
  Brandon Roman Vanna Digging
  Brandon Roman Conditions Better LIfe
Alonestar Jethro Sheeran Alonestar Skyla Rain
  Jethro Sheeran Alonestar Our of Control
The Unlikely Candidates Kyle Morris Queen Don't Stop Me Now
  Kyle Morris Bright Eyes First Day of My Life
Don't Let the Music Stop Randall Lee Nothing More I'll Be OK
  Randall Lee Suicidal Tendencies The Feelings Back
Jimmie's Chicken Shack Jimmie Haha Ministry So What
  Jimmie Haha Iron and Wine Naked as we Came
Forever Still Maja Shining Cult of Luna A Greater Call
  Maja Shining Deftones Doomed User
Throw The Fight Ryan Baustert Beartooth Aggressive
Crimson Alan Savoy Ryan Bingham Hard Times
SJC Custom Drums Mike Ciprari Beach Boys Good Vibrations
  Mike Ciprari Switchfoot Meant to Live
  Mike Ciprari Enter Shakiri Constellations
  Mike Ciprari Dawes A Littlt Bit of Everything
The Breaking Pattern Derek Hackman Modest Mouse Life Like Weeds
  Derek Hackman Sufjan Stevens Chicago
Totes4friendz April Hernandez Dixie Chicks Not Ready to Make Nice
Henry Rollins Henry Rollins Liar of the Minitour Let's Kill These Motherfuckers
Tony Furtado Tony Furtado Tony Furtado Star
Emily and the Moon Emily Senyk Dry the River New Ceremony
Matt Steady Matt Steady Gretchen Peters Everything Falls Away
Rainman Rainman Dave Matthews I'll Back You Up
  Rainman Dave Matthews The Riff